form & concept @ ABQ Museum.

Albuquerque Museum- American Jewelry from New Mexico- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Albuquerque Museum’s new exhibition American Jewelry from New Mexico, opening June 2, features over 300 spectacular objects that span prehistory to the present. We’re pleased to announce that six of our represented jewelers appear in this immense show: Robert Ebendorf, Debra Baxter, Robin Waynee, Ryan Roberts, and Steven Ford & David Forlano of Ford / Forlano.

“The 2,000-year history of jewelry in New Mexico incorporates everything from bottle caps to diamonds,” wrote Albuquerque Journal of the exhibition. “Some of the most important American designers and makers of contemporary jewelry live and work here.” Look below to see the works by form & concept artists that appear in the show, with links to their work in the form & concept collection.

Ford / Forlano Designers- American Jewelry from New Mexico Exhibition- Albuquerque Museum

Ford / Forlano.

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Designer Robert Ebendorf- American Jewelry from New Mexico- Albuquerque Museum

Robert Ebendorf.

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Designer Robin Waynee- American Jewelry from New Mexico- Albuquerque Museum

Robin Waynee.

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Designer Ryan Roberts- American Jewelry from New Mexico- Albuquerque Museum

Ryan Roberts.

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Designer Debra Baxter- American Jewelry in New Mexico- Albuquerque Museum

Debra Baxter.

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