Rabbitneck by Laura Tiffin


Much of  Rabbitneck's work is influenced by the Swiss Style (originally graphics, then later seen in art and architecture) which emerged in Russia, the Netherlands and Germany in the 1920's. It was made famous by designers in Switzerland in the 1950's—notably Josef Müller-Brockmann, among others.  His colorful asymmetric, geometric forms became hallmark of the style. Although rendered in black and white, his poster (1955) for a series of Beethoven concerts for Tonhalle in Zurich feature a series of mathematically-placed concentric curves. It is this poster that served as the initial visual inspiration for many of Rabbitneck studio's wearable objects. Other influences include work from the Art Deco period, the Bauhaus, De Stijl, and quite possibly the entire 1980's aesthetic. All assembled products are made of acrylic (also known as brand name Lucite®) and hand-made/sanded/polished in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

Laura A. Tiffin, a New Mexico native and Pratt graduate has lived and worked as a designer/art director/artist in New York City for 15 years. Rabbitneck is a formal evolution of Laura's conceptual sculpture and paintings utilizing a variety of materials. This includes but is not limited to resin, foam, electrical wire, and polyacrylate (acrylic) in various iterations. Her conceptual interests and inspirations are generally drawn from the Dada and Surrealist movements. When she's not running 12 projects at once, she enjoys reading and playing the piano as taught to her by her mother.