Teaser: Broken Boxes | Rose Simpson

“If this is breaking our hearts, if this cultural erosion has come so far, that this is what we’re doing for a living, and this is the story that we’re telling, and this is the part of our culture that we have to exploit in order to put food on our table […] what would our ancestors be thinking?”

-Rose B. Simpson

Broken Boxes, an exhibition curated by Ginger Dunnill and Cannupa Hanska Luger, features Rose B. Simpson and 40 other creators from around the world who are affecting change in their work. All of the participants have appeared on Dunnill’s Broken Boxes Podcast. The show opens at form & concept on Friday, August 18 from 5-7 pm. Click here to learn more, and make sure to RSVP on Facebook.

Review of Made in the Desert, from THE Magazine, July 2016

White noise appears to pulse from Melissa Cody’s textile, Navajo Transcendent. Surrounded by neon-colored stepped patterns, reminiscent of the traditional Navajo “Germantown dazzler,” blocks of black and white pixels vibrate with visual intensity. Cody, who pivots between weaving, hip hop, and graphic art, is among twelve artists who are redefining “craft” in form & concept’s inaugural exhibition, Made in the Desert (through August 22). Like Cody, who remixes long-established motifs and media with contemporary pigments and compositions, other artists in Made in the Desert nod to the past, present, and future in their offerings.

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2013-Devil-Horns-Crystal-Brass-Knuckles-bigCongrats to Debra Baxter, whose piece Devil Horns Crystal Brass Knuckles (Lefty) will be a part of the upcoming Smithsonian exhibition: Connections: Contemporary Craft from the Permanent Collection at the Renwick Gallery. The Opening will be June 30, 2016.

Lisa Rich was featured on 3D Start Point’s podcast last week.

Virtual Object was previewed in the New Mexican, Journal NorthSanta Fe Reporter and reviewed in Visual Art Source.