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Beyond Punch Cards
May 31 – July 13
CURRENTS Reception: Friday, June 7, 5-7 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 8, 2-3 pm

Robotic looms. Glowing tapestries. This group exhibition offers unexpected perspectives on the links between textiles and art.

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Susan Beiner | Sugar Fields
May 31 – July 13

Susan Beiner debuts a porcelain garden of tactile blooms that examine the tension between organic and human-made structures.

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April 26 – July 13
It’s time to rethink what the book can be. Insurgent members of the book art community unite for an exhibition of works that incorporate books or are conceptually linked o them.

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Up Next

Summer Show

June 28 – October 11

Opening Reception: Friday, June 28


form & concept invites its local and far-flung represented artists for a group exhibition examining the conceptual boundaries between art, craft, and design, and how these distinctions reflect cultural attitudes toward gender, race, and class.


Six Years Smitten

July 26 – October 12, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, July 26, 5-7 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, July 27, 2-3 pm


Marissa Saneholtz and Sara Brown, co-founders of the Smitten Forum residency project unite over 70 makers who have participated in Smitten Forum in the past six years for a cumulative exhibition of wearable artworks.


Buckle Expo: Selections from the 2019 World Championship Belt Buckle Competition

July 26 – October 12, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, July 26, 5-7 pm


Metalsmith Bryan Petersen curates an exhibition that examines the perception of objects, the hierarchy of jewelry formats, and the meaning of craftthrough the lens of the belt buckle. 


The Bench: Southwest Makers Symposium

July 26 – July 28


Unfolding on the final weekend of July 2019, The Bench will unite over 70 makers who have participated in Smitten Forum, along with an international creative community that surrounds them.


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Erik Gellert | Demonstration

July 13, 1-4 pm

Santa Fe ceramicist Erik Gellert unravels the process behind his coiled, undulating sculptures with an interactive demonstration in the form & concept atrium.


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Alicia Bailey- Folded Book Forms Workshop- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Innovative Folded Book Forms with Alicia Bailey

July 13, 10 am – 4 pm


Students will be introduced to creative and innovative book structures using paper and a few basic tools. Inspired by innovators in the book arts field such as Claire van Vliet and Hedi Kyle, the focus will be on form and structure rather than content.


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This Friday: Hand/Eye

david samuel stern, nouri, form & concept, form and concept, form and concept gallery, santa fe gallert, craft photography, photography


Whether they’re gelatin silver prints or daguerreotypes, there’s one thing that most photographs have in common: they’re flat. For a new group exhibition at form & concept, eleven artists from across the United States shatter this convention by applying craft media to photography—and vice versa. Hand/Eye presents images with the texture and volume of sculptures, vaulting a medium that’s often trapped behind glass into the viewer’s sphere. The artworks in the show incorporate a wide array of materials, including fiber, cast glass, micaceous clay and human hair. Call it super-alternative process photography.

Above: David Samuel Stern, Nouri, photographic prints on translucent vellum physically cut and woven together.



cathryn amedi, cathryn amedi artist, gut feeling, fiber, emrboidery, needlepoint, santa fe gallery, form & concept, form and concept, form and concept gallery, santa fe gallery, santa fe art

Cathryn Amidei
Gut Feeling
25 x 44 in.



jodi colella, jodi colella artist, sampled lives, embroidery, embroidery art, craft photography, form & concept, form and concept, form and concept gallery

Jodi Colella
Sampled Lives series
embroidered found postcards
4 x 6 in. each



elizabeth claffey, elizabeth claffey artist, matrilinear, matrilinear #9, archival pigment print, form & concept, form and concept, hand/eye

Elizabeth Claffey
Matrilinear #9
archival pigment print
24 x 18 in.


jacquelyn royal, jacquelyn royal artist, needlepoint, needlepoint art, craft photography, embroidery art, hand/eye, form & concept, form and concept gallery, santa fe gallery, santa fe craft gallery, craft gallery

Jacquelyn Royal
Detroit 3
needlepoint, thread on canvas
11 x 16 in.


emily margarit mason, emily margarit mason artist, photography, craft photography, form and concept, form & concept, santa fe gallery, form and concept gallery, hand/eye, hand/eye group show

Emily Margarit Mason
Yoga Mat and Glass
36 x 24 in


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kylee aragon, form & concept, form and concept gallery

We’re excited to announce that Kylee Aragon is our new Administrative Coordinator! Kylee was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. She received a BFA in Art History from the University of New Mexico. Kylee began her gallery experience at Tamarind Institute, where she developed a deep love for works on paper. While Kylee is not a printmaker she is a self-proclaimed print nerd who enjoys speaking in great detail about process, paper, and the print market. She is excited to bring her passion for art to form & concept.


Design Spotlights & Introductions!

Lisa Klakulak

lisa klakulak, felt jewelry, santa fe gallery, form & concept, form and concept, lisa klakulak artist, lisa klakulak jewelry, santa fe jewelry, form & concept shop, form & concept jewelry

Lisa Klakulak is an avid traveler, and often draws inspiration from far-flung landscapes to create stunning fiber artworks. In the past, she’s crafted wearables that evoke lava flows and glaciers. This fall, Lisa debuts a series that draws from the vernacular of the human body. The new works reflect the soft textures and hues of hair and skin.

“Attracted by its protective and nurturing qualities, I found wool fiber a relevant material to use in my work that’s related to concepts of human vulnerability and security,” Lisa says. “I attribute the sense of contentment and calm that I feel when I’m working in the studio to the constant touch involved in the process, as well as bringing an idea into fruition. You need that idea, that inspiration.”


lisa klakulak, felt jewelry, felt bracelet, lisa klakulak jewelry, lisa klakulak buy, felt jewelry, wearable art, felt fashion, santa fe gallery, form & concept, santa fe best gallery, form & concept shop, form and concept
Lisa Klakulak, Untitled Bracelet, felt mixed media
lisa klakulak, lisa klakulak jewelry, felt jewelry, wearable art, upcycled jewelry, mixed media jewelry, santa fe gallery, form & concept, form and concept, form & concept shop, santa fe jewelry
Lisa Klakulak, Tail, merino wool, cotton thread, vintage hot roller pins

Oaxacan Ceramics

oaxacan ceramics, santa fe gallery, form & concept, form and concept, santa fe galleries, santa fe ceramics, ceramic vase buy, form & concept shop
Oaxacan Ceramics, Tall Bartolo Vase, ceramic

Made by hand in Oaxaca, these ceramics are as functional as they are elegant. From spice jars to vases, Oaxacan ceramics adapt to contemporary lifestyles while maintaining Mexican traditions.


jordan eddy, jordan eddy santa fe, jordan eddy gallery director, form & concept director, form & concept, form and concept, form & concept santa fe, form and concept santa fe, santa fe gallery, new mexico gallery, what a cutie

Jordan Eddy is the new Gallery Director of form & concept and Zane Bennett Contemporary Art! Originally from Oregon, Jordan moved to Santa Fe in 2012 and quickly found himself immersed in the gallery community. He performed marketing and public relations work for galleries and museums in every Santa Fe arts district before landing at form & concept as Marketing Director. After two years in that role, he’s excited to take the helm at both galleries. Jordan also writes for a number of arts publications including The MagazineSanta Fe Reporter, and New Mexico Magazine.


savannah sakry, form & concept, form and concept, santa fe gallery, form & concept sales manager

Savannah Sakry is our new Sales Manager at form & concept, while our beloved Sales Manager Clara Holiday will continue to spearhead sales for the Zane Bennett Contemporary Art collection! Originally from Evergreen, CO, Savannah moved to New York City where she received a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts. Relocating to Santa Fe in 2015, she began her experience with fine art sales working for the internationally acclaimed photo bookstore and contemporary photography gallery, photo-eye. While photography is Savannah’s first love she is just as enthusiastic about other mediums, and shares form & concept’s mission to challenge traditional distinctions between art, craft, and design.

It’s World Rhino Day!

Elana Schwartz, meditation on impermenance, form & concept, form and concept, santa fe gallery, rhino art, rhino sculpture, rhino, international rhino day, rhino, santa fe, new mexico gallery
Elana Schwartz, Meditation on Impermanence, bronze, 12 x 10.5 x 8.5 in. Available in two patinas.

September 22 is World Rhino Day! Just in time for the holiday, Elana Schwartz has completed a fantastical rhino sculpture in bronze. We’re donating 10% of the proceeds from the artwork’s sale to the International Rhino Foundation. Help save the rhinos, and add this stunning artwork to your collection.

Elana Schwartz, meditation on impermenance, form & concept, form and concept, santa fe gallery, rhino art, rhino sculpture, rhino, international rhino day, rhino, santa fe, new mexico gallery

“The Earth is on the verge of a mass extinction event,” said Schwartz. “Today, plants and animals on earth’s surface are becoming extinct at a faster rate than ever before. The corruption of earth’s shared natural resources informs us that humanity is inseparable from the rest the natural world and leads us the confront and thus act on the untimely impermanence of all existence.”

Elana Schwartz, meditation on impermenance, form & concept, form and concept, santa fe gallery, rhino art, rhino sculpture, rhino, international rhino day, rhino, santa fe, new mexico gallery

At the start of the 20th century, 500,000 rhinos roamed the earth. Today, only 29,500 rhinos survive in the wild. Learn more about the rhino crisis and how you can help here.


Press: American Jewelry from New Mexico

American Jewelry from New Mexico- Albuquerque Museum- Form & Concept Blog- Albuquerque New Mexico

Since we first blogged about Albuquerque Museum’s American Jewelry from New Mexico—which features six designers who show in the form & concept shop—there’s been quite a lot of press coverage on the exhibition. Kate Nelson of New Mexico Magazine wrote a blog post about the show when it opened in June. Here’s an excerpt:

From Spanish and Mexican silversmiths to Navajo and Zuni jewelry makers, New Mexico has gained a reputation for finely wrought baubles. But the blending of cultures and their traditions didn’t stop there. By tracking the evolution from the 1870s to the 21st century, visitors to the Albuquerque Museum exhibit, American Jewelry from New Mexico can essentially trace the history of the state. “There is so much jewelry being created here that’s never been shown as New Mexico jewelry,” says curator Andrew Connors.

Kathaleen Roberts of Albuquerque Journal also wrote a preview of the show. This is a tidbit that mentions our artist Debra Baxter:

Other pieces lean more toward the outrageous. Santa Fe artist Debra Baxter created a set of silver and crystal brass knuckles from quartz and silver-plated bronze. The internationally known artist recently completed a show at Washington, D.C.’s Renwick Gallery. “It’s much more of a conceptual piece,” Connors said. “It’s about power and authority and the idea of protecting yourself.”

More recently, Grace Parazzoli covered the exhibition for Santa Fe New Mexican and also mentioned Debra’s work:

The modern pieces, like those earliest in the exhibition, are materially innovative, from Debra Baxter’s brass knuckles crowned with aqua aura quartz (2017) to Kristin Diener’s New Orleans and Alabama/Mississippi Gulf Coast Love Story: Loss and Lament: Fertility Reliquary II (2005), a reliquary that sits upon a mannequin as though it were a chastity belt. The piece’s 23 materials include toy scissors, a Route 66 guitar pick, a candy wrapper, and vintage nude photographs. (Baxter and Diener live in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, respectively; both are from the Midwest.)

Learn more about the exhibition in our previous blog post, and check out work by the other form & concept artists featured in the show on our website. In addition to Baxter, form & concept designers Robert Ebendorf, Robin Waynee, Ryan Roberts, and Steven Ford & David Forlano of Ford / Forlano are all on view.

Image: Albuquerque Museum.

Armond Lara on KUNM.

Armond Lara- Flying Blue Buffalo Installation- Behind the Scenes- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Armond Lara spoke about his Flying Blue Buffalo Installation with Spencer Beckwith of KUNM! Here’s an excerpt from the station’s write-up on their conversation:

Suspended from the ceiling is a herd of blue buffalo, seventy-five of them, flying on wings.  The buffalo tell the story of thousands of Native American children who, from the 17th Century through the 19th, were abducted from their families and enslaved on ranches and in homes across the Southwest. The Flying Blue Buffalo installation is the creation of veteran Santa Fe artist Armond Lara, and it’s on view starting August 17 at the Santa Fe gallery, form & concept.

You can listen to two versions of the radio segment on the KUNM website— one that’s 4 minutes and one’s that 7 minutes. Both stories include this gorgeous quote from Armond:

I decided that all I would see was a cloud of blue. I thought it would be a beautiful presentation. That’s the whole philosophy for Navajo people. Walk In Beauty. It has to be in a beautiful way. It doesn’t have to be ugly, even though it is ugly. We can take the pride and the endurance of still being here. Like the buffalo.

Meanwhile, we’re deep in the installation process for Armond’s show. You can see the grid system we’re using in the photo above, which will support all of the sculptures in the piece. Come see it on opening weekend, August 16-18!

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TONIGHT: Annual Exhibition 2018

Fiber Artist Mark Newport- Sweatermen- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

form & concept’s Annual Exhibition 2018 opens tonight from 5-7 pm! The show features work by all ten of our represented artists, including two new pieces from Mark Newport‘s Sweatermen series (above). “The Sweatermen are heroes of my own invention,” he says. “In each of these works I forge a link between childhood experience and my adult exploration of protection, masculinity, and heroism.” Michael Abatemarco of Pasatiempo covered the Annual Exhibition in this week’s Exhibitionism section. Here’s an excerpt:

Each summer in July, Form & Concept presents its Annual Exhibition featuring works by its represented artists including Heidi Brandow, Debra Baxter, and Wesley Anderegg. “From the beginning, we were interested in reimagining what an art gallery could be,” gallery director Frank Rose said. “The natural starting point was asking, ‘What’s been exhibited, and what or who has been excluded?’ ” The gallery’s roster includes artists whose works explore the diaphanous borders between art, craft, and design.

Click here to read more, and we’ll see you at the opening tonight!

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We’re #1!

Santa Fe Reporter- Best of Santa Fe 2018- Best Gallery- Form & Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico

Readers of Santa Fe Reporter voted us “Best Gallery” in the publication’s annual Best of Santa Fe contest! Thanks to everyone who helped boost form & concept from last year’s #2 slot, all the way to #1. Here’s what SFR had to say about the gallery:

Paintings? Check. Music? Check. Video, sculpture, dance and pretty much any kind of contemporary awesomeness you can imagine in the Railyard Arts District? Check, check, check and check.

Click here to read more, and come celebrate with us at the form & concept Annual Exhibition 2018, opening this Friday, July 27 from 5 to 7 pm. The reception overlaps with SFR‘s annual block party, which is a short walk away in (and around) the Railyard Market Pavilion from 5 to 9 pm.

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