Form & Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

How to become a collector.

The good news is, you already are! Humans are collectors by nature. Just look at the photos on your phone, or the clothes in your closet. You maintain some great collections, but acquiring art is a particularly transformative pursuit.

A strong art collection (no matter the value or scale) is not just a group of things, it’s a universe of powerful ideas. It’s also a tool for connecting with—and elevating—a vast community of remarkable people. Here are some tips for your first steps into art collecting:

Collect contemporary artwork because you love it, not because it’s “hot” right now.

Art collecting can definitely be an investment (check out our sister gallery for more on that), but you should start by acquiring works that make your eyes pop, your heart race, and your mind spin in unexpected directions.

Collect for community.

There’s a ripple effect with every acquisition you make. You’re not just supporting the gallery and artist, you’re also engaging in a creative discourse that extends much farther than you’d initially imagine. Attend gallery events, meet the artists you’ve elevated, and join the conversation with boundless curiosity and a critical eye.

Don’t get intimidated by that price tag.

We offer interest-free financing, so you can acquire a piece that you love in small, manageable payments. Look below for details.

Any questions? Contact us.

Set up a payment plan.

form & concept offers two financing plans for our collectors:

  • Take it home in a bit.

    We provide a 6-month, interest-free payment plan through the gallery. You’ll receive your artwork after your final payment.

  • Take it home today.

    Through our partner Art Money, we can arrange 10-month, interest-free financing with a 10% down payment at purchase. You’ll receive your artwork right away.

Terms apply for both of these plans, so contact us if you’re interested and we’ll fill you in!