Debra Baxter | Ghost Heart

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Debra Baxter is back in Seattle.

Her new solo show, Ghost Heart, opens tomorrow at Roq La Rue.

The show is already garnering press, with recent write-ups by Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz.

Inspired by a medical process created by Dr. Doris Taylor, where a heart’s blood cells are removed until only a “protein scaffold” remains. The now colorless, lifeless heart is then injected with millions of bone-marrow stem cells, until the heart begins beating once again.

This phenomenon caused Debra to consider the boundary between life and death, and how the line is more amorphous that previously believed.

debra baxter, debra baxter sculpture

Roq La Rue explains, “Simultaneously, she became intrigued with the popular Victorian era iconography of disembodied hands that existed predominantly in jewelry, in glass and on gravestones. The attributed meaning of that symbolism is depicting the spirit of a passed person guiding a dying loved one into the next life.”

Ghost Heart debuts alongside Rebecca Chaperone, a painter that also incorporates crystals into her body of work. As the gallery says, “Crystals are an integral aspect to both the hard earth science of geology, as well as a key component in various mystical studies, with an array of attributes and powers attributed to them. Occasionally dismissed as just fluffy ‘woo woo’ mystical mumbo jumbo coming from the New Age movement, crystals actually have been revered by various cultures throughout time both for their perceived occult qualities as well as their sheer beauty.

Ghost Heart opens April 11th at Roq La Rue in Seattle, Washington and runs through May 5th.

debra baxter, debra baxter sculpture,