In Process: New Treasures

Victor Atyas and Brian Fleetwood- Jewelry Design- Form and Concept Gallery
Victor Atyas holds a wearable work of art by Brian Fleetwood.
Both designers spoke at form & concept for our In Process event on May 6.

Our recent event for the form & concept shop, In Process: Artist Jewelry Talks, made for an inspiring Saturday earlier this month. The six participating jewelers set up tiny versions of their studios in the gallery’s atrium, and took turns discussing their design methods with visitors. It was a delight to see the artists interact with each other and the audience, asking questions and trading ideas.

Each designer also came bearing new treasures for the form & concept shop. Look below for photos and quotes from the In Process talks, and fresh designs by each of the artists. Make sure to mark your calendar for the next In Process event on Saturday, July 29. We’ll announce more details on the event shortly.


Debra Baxter- Jewelry Artist Talk- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I’ve realized how powerful objects are on the body—and not just for decoration. There’s a whole history of objects on the body being imbued with power, like talismans and amulets. I became obsessed with rocks and minerals, so I was trying to figure out how to wear them in the most simple, elegant way.”

Debra Baxter Jewelry- Form and Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico
Debra Baxter, Labradorite in Bronze Necklace, $445.


Bunny Tobias- Jewelry Artist Talk- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I make bronze jewelry using bronze metal clay, which was originally invented by Mitsubishi in Japan. They suspend tiny particles of the metal in an organic binder, and it feels like clay. I am originally a clay artist, so it was very easy for me to get into working with bronze metal clay. After you’ve made the form, it’s fired in a digital kiln and the binder burns out. The metal particles blend together to form a solid mass. What comes out is pure, solid bronze.”

Bunny Tobias Jewelry- Form and Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico
Bunny Tobias, Bronze Swarovski Crystal Klimt Triangle Pendant Necklace, $765.


Brian Fleetwood- Jewelry Artist Talks- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I have a background in biology, so I think about my work as behaving like a living thing. I think of the materials that I make the work out of as a resource for the work to exploit. I’m always trying to find new materials to make work out of.”

Brian Fleetwood Jewelry- Form and Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico
Brian Fleetwood, Rubber Anemone Brooch (Red), $180.


Charles Greeley- Jewelry Artist Talks- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I met a woman who had a Japanese paper company in Albuquerque. She offered me a show, if I would make my collages with her paper. Ever since then, I’ve concentrated on using Japanese paper. At some point my stack of scrap papers was so thick, that I decided to find a way to use the scraps. That’s how I came up with the earrings.”

Charles Greeley Jewelry- Form and Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico
Charles Greeley, Japanese Paper & Balsa Wood Earrings, $40.


Victor Atyas- Jewelry Artist Talks- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I make three-dimensional constructed gold and silver pieces, which can be worn or framed and hung on a wall. I immigrated to the United States when I was 20, and got my doctorate in psychology at the University of Rhode Island. That’s when I started taking night courses at RISD, for jewelry design. That was the beginning.”

Victor Atyas Jewelry- Form and Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico
Victor Atyas, Sterling Silver Cuff with Bridge, $950.


Danny Hart- Jewelry Artist Talks- Santa Fe New Mexico

“In terms of inspiration and process, wood has been my medium from day one. With so much of what I make, I go through four, five, six, seven iterations before I come to a design that I can start repeating and subtly changing. So much of my work comes about by necessity, and by solving a problem that’s presented to me. I learned that from my days in the School of Architecture at University of New Mexico. Here’s the brief, how are you going to solve it?”

Danny Hart Jewelry- Form and Concept-Santa Fe New Mexico
Danny Hart, Redwood Black Acrylic Bird Head Pendant, $85.