Inner Orbit in review.

Inner Orbit Review- Chelsea Weathers- The Magazine- Santa Fe New Mexico
Drew Lenihan, The Luau IV, archival inkjet print, 20 x 14 in.

Happy July! We’re excited to share this lovely review of our Inner Orbit exhibition by Chelsea Weathers in The Magazine. The show explores cultural or personal visions of space, so Chelsea started her review with a childhood memory:

For most people who aren’t astronomers or astrophysicists, outer space is a nebulous concept (no pun intended). How we relate to ideas like space-time, the Big Bang, and black holes often has more to do with our immediate material surroundings than with equations and formulas. My own experience of watching Halley’s Comet involves a strong memory of the vanilla-chocolate swirl ice cream cone my father bought for me when we waited to catch a glimpse of it—a moment that I don’t remember at all. On one hand, my childhood mind grasping at quotidian details reflects an inability to comprehend the enormity of outer space. Then again, everyday human life is inextricably connected to our conceptions of the universe in ways that aren’t always grandiose. I understand the rarity of Halley’s Comet because I remember that ice cream cone.

Read the full review at The Magazine, and make sure to come see Inner Orbit before it closes on July 21.