Last Look: Broken Boxes

Broken Boxes Exhibition- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Our Broken Boxes group exhibition has had quite a few returning visitors, and there’s a good reason for that. Curator Ginger Dunnill worked with 40 activist artists who’ve appeared on her podcast to fill our upstairs galleries with over 50 artworks. A number of the pieces are interactive, and all of them feature intricate storytelling that takes time to fully absorb. One visitor spent a solid two hours poring over each and every piece, while others have worked their way through at events over the course of show’s run.

Broken Boxes comes to a close on Sunday, but there’s one last chance to take it all in. Stop by form & concept this Saturday, October 21 from 1-3 pm for an interactive walk-through with Dunnill. She’ll talk about the process of putting the show together, and answer questions about the artists and their work. The Broken Boxes catalog, launched at an event last month, will be available for sale.

Among the show’s recurring guests was Alicia Inez Guzmán, who wrote a great review of Broken Boxes in this month’s issue of THE Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

I felt as if the space had been successfully engaged; there were intimate works that pulled me in but also art that cascaded from the ceiling, attached itself to walls like barnacles, settled into the corners, brought the outside in, and celebrated the booty in grand scale. It was as if the envelope of the gallery (another kind of box) was slowly being pulled apart, at least stretched to bear the voices of those compelled to break the box.

Guzmán’s piece inspired the form & concept staff to sound off on some of our favorite artworks from the exhibition. Scroll down for meditations on several pieces that you need to see before the show closes on Sunday.

Valentina Gonzalez Artwork- Broken Boxes Exhibition- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Valentina Gonzalez, Free Time – 10 Years of Paint, acrylic, latex and spray paint epoxy, aluminum screws, brass cabinet pull, 10 x 2.5 x 2.5 in. (right) 

Frank Rose, our director, writes:

It’s hard to choose, but I love Valentina Gonzalez’ Free Time – 10 Years of Paint. I’m a big fan of what I call “material inversions”: using materials in a way that masks their true nature creating a moment of surprise for the viewer. The way Gonzalez has taken a wall slathered with 10 years of paint and turned it into a spray can is delightful.

Nani Chacon Artwork- Broken Boxes Exhibition- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Nanibah ‘Nani’ Chacon, Between a Black Cloud and a White Cloud He Found Her, broken boxes, black and white charcoal, paint. (center)

Clara Holiday, our sales manager, writes:

Nanibah ‘Nani’ Chacon’s work really resonates with me. The expression is at the same time fierce and strong and yet it is also joyous and irreverent. There is a beautiful resilience to the piece.

Chip Thomas Artwork- Broken Boxes Exhibition- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Chip Thomas, Meditation on a Cloth Signifier, inkjet print/regular bond paper with wallpaper paste, inkjet print on cotton/silk voil. (center)

Jonathan Meade, our sales associate, writes:

There’s a sweet and sinister element to this work. It’s the innocent expression of the child on the side of the bead shack, the tattered American flag the child gazes upon, and the dust-filled and desolate canyon landscape where the shop sits. The way these elements express a hope-filled aspiration amidst deprivation, feelings all too common to indigenous populations across the country – under-served and oftentimes overlooked by the colonial patriotic government that perpetrated these impoverished conditions upon the native people, and yet has been apathetic to respond to their needs or to come to a resolution for the injustices endured in their survival. We’re left contemplating what the future of this country means staring in the eyes of the little child who searches for meaning in that tattered American flag, where we to find ourselves wondering what end it serves…

Kate Martin, our sales & marketing assistant, writes:

My favorite work in Broken Boxes is Meditation on a Cloth Signifier by Chip Thomas. Every time I look at Meditation I feel like I’m seeing it for the first time. There are so many details to stop and consider. I could spend hours looking at it.

Maria Hupfield Artwork- Broken Boxes Exhibition- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Maria Hupfield, In Case of Emergency, found objects and industrial felt, 11.75 x 18.5 x 3.25 in. (left)

Jordan Eddy, our marketing manager, writes:

Maria Hupfield compiles a survival kit for the modern protester, complete with a Sharpie paint pen, a silver emergency blanket and bandages made from grey felt. It’s a neatly organized reminder of a messy, never-ending struggle for justice. This is one of just a few intact boxes in the show, but it was made to be broken. Brilliant!

Click here to learn more about Broken Boxes, and make sure to RSVP on Facebook for Ginger Dunnill’s final walk-through on Saturday.