One Year of form & concept

form & concept gallery- One-Year Anniversary Celebration- Santa Fe New Mexico

Since its inaugural show in May 2016, form & concept has invited diverse creatives to unleash their superpowers in a series of dynamic exhibitions. The mission is to explore the perceived boundaries between art, craft and design—and expand the public’s understanding of their interdependence in the contemporary world. To mark the opening of our One-Year Anniversary Exhibition, we threw a Superhero Masquerade on May 26. The celebration was our tribute to the artists who have filled our walls, and the remarkable capabilities they wield to tell stories that inspire. We challenged visitors to discover their own powers by wearing masks, capes and other heroic accouterments to the event. Scroll down to see photos from the masquerade by Kara Duval, and make sure to check out our One-Year Anniversary Exhibition (on view through October 22, 2017).