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Second Anniversary Party- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico
Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild members “fiber bomb” Guy Dill’s sculpture Boon in front of form & concept.

form & concept marks its second anniversary with a spectacular celebration, featuring the unveiling of a 10-foot-tall “fiber bombed” sculpture by the Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild. The party is an opening reception for the exhibitions Inner Orbit and Erikka Lynne Hanson | Movement Choir: Landscape Scores, and includes a space-themed feast, music by DJ Feathericci, and maker demonstrations by Meltdown Studio. It takes place on Friday, May 25 from 5 to 7 pm.

Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild- Fiber Bombing Santa Fe- Form and Concept Gallery

One evening last spring, members of the Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild descended upon Colette Hosmer’s beloved trout sculpture installation at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. They stitched colorful outfits onto the enormous granite fish as a guerrilla marketing campaign for the first annual New Mexico Fiber Crawl. “We called it ‘sculpture couture,’” says Virginia Lee, president of the guild. The City of Santa Fe swiftly dismantled the unsanctioned installation, but the community response was so great that the Santa Fe Arts Commission officially invited Las Tejedoras to revive the project for the second New Mexico Fiber Crawl (May 18-20).

Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild- Fiber Bombing Santa Fe- Form and Concept Gallery

They’ll painstakingly add patchwork fiber installations to large-scale sculptures around town—including Guy Dill’s 10-foot-tall bronze artwork Boon that stands outside form & concept. The “fiber bombed” sculpture debuts at the Second Anniversary Celebration. “We loved the idea of this rebellious crew of fiber artists stitching their way across town,” says Frank Rose, Director of form & concept. “You’ll see countless fiber art techniques in their crazy quilted installation, which is a perfect visual mission statement for our gallery.”

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