Preview: Summer Artist Talks

“I’m on an autobiographical, emotional journey, about what I feel about anything and everything,” said Wesley Anderegg to a crowd of art enthusiasts. The ceramicist made a rare appearance at form & concept last Saturday, having traveled here from his rural California ranch for our One-Year Anniversary Exhibition. “How do you say these things visually? I think about how I’m going to communicate these emotions to people,” he continued, gesturing at the quirky figurative sculptures surrounding him.

Santa Fe painter and sculptor Matthew Mullins spoke just after Anderegg, and dug into the roots of his artistic motivations. “Basically, my art is about finding harmony with nature and increasing our awareness of nature,” Mullins explained. “By nature, I don’t just mean pretty landscapes, I’m talking about ultimate reality—connection with the divine, connection with the world, everything.”

Wesley Anderegg and Matthew Mullins- Summer Artist Talks- Form and Concept- Santa Fe New Mexico

Nearly all of our represented artists (and a few special guests) will follow in Mullins and Anderegg’s footsteps for our Summer Artist Talks. They’ll discuss themes both personal and universal, and reveal ways that their emotional explorations interface with the larger world. The event series runs almost every Saturday through July 22, and officially ends with two talks on August 20. Here’s the full schedule, with links to more information:

Matthew Mullins & Wesley Anderegg | 5/27/17, 2-3 pm
Heidi Brandow | 6/3/17, 2-3 pm
Heather Bradley | 6/10/17, 2-3 pm
NoiseFold | 6/17/17, 2-3 pm*
Rebecca Rutstein | 7/1/17, 2-3 pm
Elana Schwartz | 7/8/17, 2-3 pm
Debra Baxter | 7/15/17, 2-3 pm
Jared Weiss | 7/22/17, 2-3 pm*
Armond Lara | 8/20/17, 2-3 pm
Broken Boxes Artists & Curators Panel Discussion | 8/20/17, 3-4 pm*

Make sure to RSVP to our Summer Artist Talks Facebook event for updates on each talk!