Colorful Collections.

Happy holidays from form & concept! Discover colorful, wearable creations by some of our favorite jewelers, and browse vibrant offerings from our book nook.

Robert Ebendorf- Holiday Jewelry- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I enjoy reconstructing these found objects into my world and bringing them out into the universe for another life, another journey. There’s something about putting it back out in another configuration that’s very caring.”
Robert Ebendorf

Kelsey Simmen- Holiday Jewelry- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I get inspired by unusual materials, science, repetition and shapes. Experimenting with traditional and nontraditional materials, I have found joy in creating pieces that are vibrant, thoughtful and cheeky.”
Kelsey Simmen

Kat Cole- Holiday Jewelry- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

“I look to the built environment of the city where I live for the formal qualities of my work: materials, forms, colors and surface quality.”
Kat Cole

Laura Tiffin- Holiday Jewelry- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

“The Rabbitneck collection is influenced by the Swiss Style, Art Deco, Bauhaus and De Stijl. It’s a formal evolution of my conceptual sculpture and paintings utilizing a variety of materials.”
Laura Tiffin

Form & Concept Gallery- Holiday Art Books- Santa Fe New Mexico

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Opening: MICROCOSM Small Works Invitational

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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together,” said Vincent Van Gogh. form & concept takes this thought to its logical conclusion in MICROCOSM, a holiday exhibition of small works by contributors to the gallery’s previous exhibitions. Over 20 artists, craftspeople and designers return with diminutive and dynamic offerings that measure 8 x 10 inches or smaller. The show fills the gallery’s stairwell and atrium, forming a charming microcosm of the space’s history—and representing a new chapter in each contributor’s story. MICROCOSM opens on Friday, November 24 from 5-7 pm, in conjunction with the exhibitions Thais Mather: Reckless Abandon and Smitten Forum.  

Participating Artists:

Nicola Heindl, Bunny Tobias, Charles Greeley, Mandy Cano Villalobos, Vanessa Michel, Susan Beiner, Wesley Anderegg, Priscilla Dobler, Jason Villegas, Garth Amundson + Pierre Gour, Jonathan Nelson, Lisa Klakulak, Katie Craney, Rena Detrixhe, Robert Ebendorf, Matthew Mullins, Aleta Braun, Heidi Brandow, Mark Newport, Ryan Singer, Brian Fleetwood

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