The Tara + Rhonda Show 2018

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“I must be fearless in improvisation, fully committed and fully present,” says Las Cruces saxophonist Rhonda Taylor. “Otherwise the quality of the moment is diminished.” For a leap of faith like this, it helps to have a buddy. Enter Santa Fe soprano and theatre-maker Tara Khozein, who collaborates with Taylor on this evening of performance at form & concept. They will debut improvisational scores that incorporate instrumentals, vocals, and gestures. 

“Tara and I have a sort of Venn diagram of skill sets,” Taylor says. “What I love about working and performing with her is how we both are able to push and pull the other one beyond her comfort zone, in what I believe is a very beautiful and unpredictable way.” The Tara + Rhonda Show 2018 is the duo’s second performance at form & concept, following last December’s The Tara + Rhonda Show: Fully Clothed and Highly Introverted. The gallery will ask for a sliding scale donation of $5-$25 at the door in support of the artists. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the performance begins at 7:00 pm.

Performance: Tara Khozein & Rhonda Taylor

RSVP on Facebook.

The gallery will ask for a sliding scale donation of $5-$25 in support of the artists.

When it comes to musical genres, Tara Khozein and Rhonda Taylor hold nothing sacred. “When you start getting into nitty gritty definitions, it just gets so messy,” says Khozein. “I’m a big fan of the metal solution to this problem, which is just thousands of subgenres. Every band has their own genre.” That could certainly be true of Khozein and Taylor’s latest collaboration. Their two-part improvisational performance, taking place in Las Cruces and Santa Fe, alchemically melds instrumentals, vocals and gestures. Until a new genre is born, it can only be described as daringly contemporary. THE TARA AND RHONDA SHOW! Fully Clothed and Highly Introverted begins with a December 8 performance at Doña Ana Arts Council in Las Cruces, and continues at form & concept in Santa Fe on December 16 at 7 pm.