Opening: Susan Beiner | Sugar Fields

Susan Beiner returns to form & concept for a solo exhibition featuring a large-scale, modular installation. The wall sculptures will feature Beiner’s characteristic floral forms, a porcelain garden of tactile blooms with allusions to architectural structures. Though it reads as one unit, each piece will be a unique work, showcasing Beiner’s vocabulary of encrusted forms.


“The installation will be encrusted and glazed in different ways,” Beiner explains. “There’s a pattern, but the surface will bring variation to a large scale.”


Despite the fragility of Beiner’s medium, her work maintains an air of resilience. With more than thirty years of experience, the Arizona State University professor has crafted a body of work that examines the tension and symbiotic relationship between organic and inorganic forms. In recent years, Beiner has incorporated plastic, rubber, acrylic, and other man-made materials into her ceramic works.


Sugar Fields debuts May 31 and is on view through July 13. Beiner will host an Artist Talk on Saturday, June 1.