Performance: Ekalos Reed, Áine McCarthy & Kara Duval


In conjunction with Thais Mather’s exhibition Reckless Abandon,
and featuring Ekalos Reed, Áine McCarthy & Kara Duval

Saturday, January 20, 7 am-7 pm

7 am-7 pm: Ekalos Reed & Áine McCarthy, “Tending the Mighty Dead”
4:30-6:30 pm: Kara Duval, “RED”
6-7 pm: Closing Ceremony

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“I find that people are really hungering for ritual and prayer, and not in a traditional, religious way,” says Ekalos Reed. Reed and Áine McCarthy’s performance art group is called Time Beings. This winter, they collaborate with Kara Duval—another local performer who explores themes of ritual, reclamation and healing—for a 12-hour performance among the artworks of form & concept’s exhibition Thais Mather: Reckless Abandon. In the multi-part ritual prayer, they will convene other Santa Fe artists and anyone who wishes to take part as they create moments and spaces that redefine the sacred. The piece represents a dynamic response to the exhibition’s themes and a tribute to women and others who have faced persecution. Reed and McCarthy perform ‘Tending the Mighty Dead’ from 7 am to 7 pm. Kara Duval performs ‘Red’ from 4:30- 6:30 pm. There is a closing ceremony from 6- 7 pm. From 7 to 10 am, the performance will be visible from outside form & concept, but the gallery does not open to the public until 10 am.

A Day of Ritual Prayer Performance- Ekalos Reed- Áine McCarthy- Kara Duval- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico
Ekalos Reed & Áine McCarthy, “Tending the Mighty Dead,” durational performance piece, 2018. Photo by Timothy Jason Reed.

Sequence of Events

The public is invited to attend the event at anytime and for any duration from 10 am to 7 pm to watch, write a prayer, ring a bell, offer a flower, meditate or engage in some other respectful way with the ritual. Please Note: From 7am to 10 am the performance will be visible from outside of form & concept, but the gallery does not open to the public until 10 am. Read on for more information on each phase of the performance.

“Tending the Mighty Dead”

Áine McCarthy & Ekalos Reed

7am- 7pm

Áine McCarthy and Ekalos Reed perform “Tending the Mighty Dead” a 12 hour ritual prayer to embody the remembrance of our killed ancestors (women and others) and to invite their wisdom to take root in our individual and collective flesh, bones, and blood. “In ancient times Art was not separate from Healing,” says Reed. “In this spirit we offer ourselves in movement for twelve hours to see clearly the injustice and feel clearly the pain. In doing this we create a space for wisdom and strength to return to us.” The ritual will include a soundscape of present-day field recordings from places here in New Mexico and far away that have historical significance to the project. Bearing witness in ourselves and in places where injustices have occured is part of the healing process and helps tend the ground to grow new creative and healthy lifeways.


Kara Duval

4:30 – 6:30pm

Kara Duval performs “RED”, a reintegrating ritual that snakes its way through the exhibit in search of reclamation. The set for ‘Red’ consists of over 300 ft of red fabric that is woven through the art works in the gallery. Duval traverses the fabric, symbolizing the long journey often taken to return home to the body after experiencing trauma. Movement is one of the first expressions restricted when a person or a people have gone through trauma. RED is about the movement to return home to the body and recognizing its inherent wholeness. Duval uses dance and story to reconnect and heal the fabric of her individual and collective histories. She uses an audio tapestry of women’s personal stories revolving around shame, abuse, and trauma as a sound score to her journey.

Closing Ceremony

Various artists

6:00-7:00 pm

Reed, McCarthy and Duval are joined by additional performers to complete the closing ceremony.


Áine Pierandi McCarthy holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University in Connecticut where she studied Religion and had the chance to spend four months in Bodh Gaya, India studying meditation and Buddhist traditions. She is also a graduate of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Training at Upaya Zen Center and served as co-director of this program from 2014-2017. In 2016, she completed the 200-hour Yogic Study & Teacher Training Program at YogaSource in Santa Fe accredited by Yoga Alliance. She is currently a student in the Living School at the Center for Contemplation and Action in Albuquerque. At Wesleyan she had the good fortune to study Delicious Movement with Eiko Otake and to serve as her teaching assistant.

Kara Duval received a BFA in Photography and Theater Dance and is a licensed massage therapist. She has been a student of 5 Rhythms, a movement meditation practice created by Gabrielle Roth, since 2013. Her most influential teachers are her clients, who are willing to dive into the mythos of the body with her. She believes alchemy happens in the blood, bones, and breath and that the greatest mystery is happening right now, under our skin. Her childhood was split between running around with Russian Gypsies at the Renaissance Festival in Magnolia, TX and sitting zazen with Soto Zen Buddhists. Elements of these experiences weave their influence into most of her projects. Her curiosity always comes back to the body, nature, and ritual.

Ekalos Ume Reed is a performer, choreographer and teacher. She has performed around the world with the Martha Graham Dance Company, Pearl Lang Dance Theatre, Moving People Dance, Catherine Cabeen and Company, and Robert Wood Dance NY among others. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner as well as a GYROTONIC® and GYOKINESIS® Master Trainer. In the present Eka creates open system performances that explore dimensions of time and space underneath thought-based movement control. Ideas from dynamic systems approach to development and Moshe Feldenkrais’ work and writings inspire her movement practice and her performance systems. Eka strives to activate her audience and her students into a dialogue of development that elucidates the ‘spells’ we are casting that may deserve some revision. Creating systems that invite everyone into greater awareness and autonomy is her passion.