Tigre Mashaal-Lively is a Black mixed-race, genderqueer artist raised in Philadelphia and based in New Mexico. They hold a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from Bennington College (2008). Working across a wide array of mediums and disciplines, Tigre creates art ranging from large-scale installations, sculptures and murals to intimate illustrations, paintings, music and movement-based performance. Their work has been exhibited around the globe, from North America to Southeast Asia, and from Europe to Australia. Mashaal-Lively is a founding member of Earthseed Black Arts Alliance and Braided Branches Collective, an inaugural cohort member of the Design Science Studio, and a long-time collaborator with esteemed performance companies Bad Unkl Sista and Embodiment Project. In 2021, Tigre’s work appeared at form & concept in Entangled FuturitiesFamily Room and Hand Tools of Resilience.