Jeff Suina is a Native American artist from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, who works with clay and digital media. He creates art in the traditional Cochiti method and also produces works with non-traditional materials. He draws his inspiration from a variety of subjects, including astronomy, botany, quantum mechanics, geology, science fiction, architecture, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the traditions and art of Cochiti Pueblo. 


Jeff received his B.A. in architecture from the University of New Mexico in 1997 and is Creative Director at Bohannon Huston. A self-described “techno-nerd”, Jeff has an extensive history in 3D modeling, animation, and visualization. He is also a licensed drone pilot. Jeff lives in Cochiti with his wife and three sons, where he is a member of the tribal council. 


Jeff has shown his work at various shows and galleries. His main goals as an artist are to share his ideas with the world and to add a sense of beauty, awareness, and balance to the world. 


Artist Statement


My clay pieces have been called "futuristic," in part because of their unconventional form, especially in relation to traditional Pueblo pottery. But, like my ancestors, I am inspired by what I see and find in nature. More specifically, I am drawn to polygonal shapes and spheres that make up the basic structure of minerals and gems. 


Technology has allowed me to contribute to the paradigm shift in the way that the tradition of Pueblo pottery making has carried over to another generation; I am continuing a very ancient craft utilizing tools that are very specific to this time and place.


Ultimately, I would like to think that my work reaffirms the worldview of my ancestors. Like them, I also believe that I am in conversation with the clay and that my craft connects me to previous generations of pottery makers