Artist Talk: Brian Fleetwood: 4pm

27 March 2020 
form & concept | 435 S Guadalupe St

Join Santa Fe-based jewelry artist Brian Fleetwood for an artist talk on the exhibition Consilience. The group show, curated by Fleetwood and form & concept director Jordan Eddy, is part premiere, part personal retrospective, and all participatory. Featuring never-before-seen work by Fleetwood alongside the mentors and students who shaped and continue to advance his artistic philosophy, Consilience includes modular installation, adorned sculpture, embellished textiles and masterful metalwork, in addition to 3-D printed objects for the taking.

Important to Consilience is the Creek artist’s inclusion of multiple indigenous artists that highlight jewelry’s expansive and amorphous definition. “There are so many indigenous practices that the contemporary art world would not necessarily consider jewelry, but those artists do. I’m interested in communicating culture in all its under-explored ways.”

The artist talk is followed by an opening reception from 5-7pm. 

Featured Artists: Brian Fleetwood, Chris Ramsay, Kenneth Johnson, Mark Herndon, Susie Ganch, Carly Feddersen, Tania Larsson, JQ Nightshade, Anangookwe Wolf