Durational Performance: the WITCHES are IN: 10:30am - 1:30pm

1 May 2021
form & concept | 435 S Guadalupe St FREE

In conjunction with Family Room, Santa Fe-based performance collective TIME BEINGS (eka reed, Áine Mccarthy and ni “Moss” fawn) offer spontaneous spellcraft from within the exhibition space. "Think 'Witch Hotline' in the spirit of service and energetic mutual aid," says the group, who will be performing the ritual service from within the Family Room space, surrounded by blessed mirrors and sacred wooden objects (created by Family Room artist Moss).


Call TIME BEINGS directly on the day of the performance at (505) 819-0196 or email thetimebeingscollective@gmail.com anytime in advance to receive the spellwork intake form to have your question heard.
Though the ritual is public (streamed via Zoom here), all names and requests for spellwurk will be confidential and private.
Example of Questions:

I dedicate the benefits of this ritual to the healing and flourishing of______ (land, being, or spirit)....

What feeling state, tone, or quality do I intend to see blooming in my life?
What gate of pleasure & joy is Beltane calling me to step through?
From the artists:
we acknowledge REQUESTED ATTENTIVE TENDING can often Help
in the practice of transmuting/transforming/tranifesting/
unwinding & unbinding/or weaving more closely together/
that which is ASKING TO UNFOLD for you
WE ACKNOWLEDGE practicing magic on STOLEN LAND must be done humbly and with cultivated relationships:::
We will be ASKING the most compassionate and wise queer spirits and well Transcestors to be of assistance:::::