Reading: Pascal Emmer: 1pm

July 10, 2021
form & concept | 435 S. Guadalupe St. Free

Join Pascal Emmer for a reading of sub/terre/fuge, an original speculative story about trans/genic hybridity, exoplanetary colonization, post-capitalist futures and queer love that served as the touchpoint for the artist's ceramic work in Entangled Futurities.


"Set approximately a century into the future, sub/terre/fuge takes place in the southwest region of the former U.S. in a time after the “Great Immolation”—a global-scale nuclear war following massive ecological collapse, climate migration, crop failure, and water scarcity. Having developed quantum interstellar technology, the billionaire class has departed Earth to plunder terrestrial bodies in nearby solar systems....The ceramic sculptures [of Entangled Futurities] evoke images of technological artifacts one would find in the world of sub/terre/fuge—the waste products of war undergoing a process of mycoremediation." - Pascal Emmer