Lyrical Offering: 12-2pm

7 May 2022 
form & concept | 435 S Guadalupe St Free

Visit FLOURISH: Romancing the Mysteries for poetry readings and recitations by artist Moss, with special guests  mai c. doan, Pascal Emmer, kim gryphon, Calixte Raifsnider and more.


mai c. doan is a poet, writer, and grief worker who loves being with flowers, deep time and warm patches of sun.


Calixte Raifsnider is based in Oga Po’geh /Santa Fe, New Mexico. She writes poetry from arroyos, dreams and other in-between spaces.
Pascal Emmer is a ceramic artist, social movement researcher and speculative fiction writer who uses collaborative design and participatory research to create stories and possibilities for a future otherwise.
kim gryphon is a queer/non-binary writer, educator, and organizer who lives and works in O’gah Po’geh/Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kim is a non-native white person of Irish heritage and aims to create work in revolutionary community to disrupt the dominance of racism and settler-colonialism. They hope to smash heteropatriarchy in thought/action and contribute to new narratives for gender, sex and love. kim's first self-published novel, Shadow Flare, is a queer Young Adult science fiction story.