Artist Talk: SUPERSCRIPT: 2 - 3pm

27 April 2019
form & concept | 435 South Guadalupe St

This group show unites insurgent members of New Mexico’s formidable community of book artists, along with several artists from across the nation. It is almost entirely composed of large-scale installation works that either incorporate books or are conceptually linked to them.


Penney Bidwell and Matt Doubek present The Poet, a toy capsule vending machine that dispenses snippets of poetry by Adrian Oteiza and Ran Huntsberry. There’s a vinyl window display by Melody Sumner Carnahan and Michael Sumner of the imprint Burning Books, and a series of mixed-media artworks that Erin Mickelson created in collaboration with poetry and image-generating Twitter bots.


There’s no shortage of more traditional books in the exhibition—collections of pages with bindings and covers—but even those are often subject to radical intervention. Edie Tsong covers found books with black ink, using a technique known as erasure to explore racial identity. Alicia Bailey and Hannah Bennett deconstruct books into undulating or high-flying sculptures. Sabrina and Damon Griffith, who are seasoned puppeteers, set designers, and costume designers, sculpt books into intricate armor.


Artists: Michael Sumner, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Erin Mickelson, C. Marquez, Julia Haywood, Sabrina & Damon Griffith, Alicia Bailey, Hannah Bennett, Edie Tsong, Penney Bidwell, Adrian Oteiza, Ran Huntsberry