Entangled Futurities is a collaborative intertwining of visionary fiction and material works by Tigre Mashaal-Lively and Pascal Emmer, which together form a mycorrhizal relationship to the question: How do we spore the futures in which we want to live? This project speaks in the language of mycelium—the infinite underground networks that sustain us in a time of toxic political landscapes and climate catastrophe. 


From the wild matsutake mushrooms that heal the irradiated soil around Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the radiotrophic fungi that harness energy for their own flourishing from Chernobyl’s nuclear debris, mycelial conspirators are constantly finding ways to repurpose the waste from toxic, decomposing systems (capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and militarism) in order to vitalize queer trans/genic futurities.


Finding mythopoetic inspiration from mycoremediation, Entangled Futurities seeks to disrupt cis-heteronormative narratives of hierarchical reproduction, offering instead an ethic of queer relationality for germinating the futures we desirewhere an enduring relationship of mutual aid between multispecies organisms (symbionts) creates the conditions for co-evolution.