This is a showcase of subtractive processes—namely linocut, sgraffito and CNC laser cutting—that involve carving away material to create an image. Querencia, a Spanish word that refers to a metaphysical refuge, represents a deep connection to a location, where familiar, instinctual memories reside and one feels most authentic, exploring the interplay between presence and absence, form and void, through these reductive—but ultimately generative—compositional techniques.

Curated by form & concept Project Space Curator, Tiana Japp, this group exhibition examines incised “furrows” in craft media that serve as conduits for storytelling, contemplation, and connection across time and space. Through the rhythmic interplay of blacks, whites, reds, blues, and greens, a dialogue emerges—an exploration of form, memory, and movement. This show traverses the boundless expanse of negative space, where what is not becomes as potent as what is, inviting reflection on the complexities of our social and economic realities.

Featured artists: Ekin Balcıoğlu, Sergio Sánchez Santamaria, Darcy Lee Rose.