10 Years of Outstanding Arts Education at NMSA

500 Montezuma Avenue, Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico School for the Arts, a pioneering public high school that's a few blocks away from form & concept, kicked off its 10-year anniversary festivities last fall at our gallery. NMSA's Homecoming group exhibition filled form & concept's second floor with works by former students, instructors and supporters of the institution.


Among the exhibitors was visual artist and fashion designer Ravenna Osgood, who graduated from NMSA in 2013. She won the inaugural Juror's Choice award for a stunning wallpaper design that she exhibited along with several photographs and a wearable sculpture. Now she's busy designing another wallpaper piece for the gallery's forthcoming exhibition Family Room.


NMSA's anniversary celebration continues with a series of online profiles of outstanding alumni, and Osgood is the featured artist for the school's third graduating class. Make sure to watch the video and slideshow of her work, including pieces featured in our Homecoming show. Osgood's backdrop in the video is a draft of her Family Room piece.


If you're able, please consider supporting this remarkable institution, which serves students from all across New Mexico. form & concept and our sister gallery, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, are official sponsors of their online retrospective. Here's NMSA's uplifting mission statement:


We believe a student’s passion for the arts can propel them to success in every aspect of life. We are committed to fostering that success by providing a strong foundation for artistic and academic growth in an inclusive and challenging environment that encourages exploration, expands imagination and cultivates creativity. If you believe in the power of the arts, and want to support young artists, please consider giving to our arts program so we can continue to help students thrive!


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April 28, 2020