Santa Fe Ranks #1 on Most Creative Small Cities List.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

How do you calculate creative vitality?  True to its name, the Creative Vitality Suite has cracked the code. CVSuite is a research-based, economic development tool that provides high-quality, creative economy data and reporting. The CVSuite team just launched a definitive ranking of the 30 most creative small cities in the United States. Santa Fe is at the very top!


CVSuite writes, "We discovered a wide array of creative industries that are thriving in these communities, as well as impressive concentrations of artistic and cultural nonprofits fueling the local economy through the support of their community members." Here's what they had to say about Santa Fe, form & concept's home base and the #1 creative small city in the nation:


Santa Fe, New Mexico ranks number 1 on our list of the most creatively vital cities with populations under 500,000. With a population of 83,776 and creative economy earnings of $102 million a year, the creative vitality of this small city rivals the creative economies of heavy hitters like New York and Los Angeles.  Santa Fe is home to a constant buzz of artistic energy, with 250+ art galleries, several major art museums and a large population of full-time artists-in-residence.


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May 19, 2020