Raising Arizona: Ceramic artist Wesley Anderegg

Pasatiempo, March 30, 2018

"Did I dream you were a tourist in the Arizona sun? I can see you there with luna moths and watermelon gum" — from You by R.E.M.


For ceramic artist Wesley Anderegg, Arizona is  a state of mind, and he might picture you there  with a can of Coors sooner than with luna moths. But who knows? You shouldn’t put anything past him. After all, Anderegg would gladly trade in stereotypical cowboys roping steers for quirky characters on hobby horses, or for dreamers floating in the sky, high above the saguaro. About two dozen ceramic tiles depicting life in Arizona, as filtered through the wry and surreal mind of the artist, are on exhibit at Form & Concept, each one measuring about 12 by 12 inches and about an inch and a half thick. READ MORE.