Natalie Rae Good’s ceramic chain mail compositions address the complicated nature of possession and power. They initiate a conversation surrounding denial in relationship to the body’s softness and vulnerability. Natalie is interested in how we read materials and how this reading affects our way of understanding the world, our situations, our relationship to the natural world, and each other. Things often are not what they seem. This work is an ongoing exploration into tension in form. Here traditional chain mail weaves present as strong and protective though they are made of weak materials, barely able to hold their own weight. Such is the illusionary nature of control, domination, social hierarchies, and security. There is inherent fragility in all human projects and these ceramic meditations bear light on this truth.

These sculptures connect to Natalie’s larger body of work,which is concerned with mapping and recording time and its passage, earthly cycles, wind, memory, and our species' compulsion to assert power over the natural world. She works in print, clay, and performance and enjoys making all sorts of objects that attempt to bear witness to and collect record of brief, ethereal moments from reality's daily reinvention. 


Natalie Rae Good lives and works in New Mexico. Natalie has shown drawings, prints, and sculptural installations in venues in New York, Virginia, Oregon, Michigan, New Mexico, and Ohio. She has participated in projects with the Moving Crew artists group and has collaborated with Rob Andrews for performances at Exit Art, RUSH Arts, and English Kills in New York. She teaches workshops in cyanotype and letterpress and runs a custom letterpress printing business, Etc. Letterpress.


Natalie was the 2019-2020 Artist In Residence in the Ceramics Department at Western New Mexico University. She has been awarded residencies at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center. Natalie has worked at various arts institutions including the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX, David Zwirner in New York, NY, Star Axis in Las Vegas, NM, and Holt/Smithson Foundation in Santa Fe, NM where she currently acts as Collection Manager and Registrar. She continues to work as an art handler, courier, exhibit designer, and shipping coordinator for traveling exhibitions around the country.