Natalie Rae Good: Night Loop

“Things often are not what they seem,” writes Natalie Rae Good. The artist explores illusions of power and vulnerability in her ongoing series of porcelain chain mail compositions, which rest on fur, beckoning touch. “They initiate a conversation surrounding denial in relationship to the body’s softness and vulnerability,” continues Good. In the center of Night Loop’s display, Edifice hangs: from a large clevis hook, thick security chains give way to doughy stoneware links until, at it’s end, a delicate net of hand-pigmented, fleshy porcelain dangles just above the floor. “Such is the illusionary nature of control, domination, social hierarchies, and security,” says Good. “There is inherent fragility in all human projects and these ceramic meditations bear light on this truth.”

Reception with the artist: Friday, July 29, 5-7pm