Jacquelyn Royal, in Review.

May 13, 2020
Needlepoint Fiber Artwork by Jacquelyn Royal at Form & Concept Gallery
Needlepoint artwork by Jacquelyn Royal

Jacquelyn Royal's  soon-to-conclude solo exhibition, The New Police, was recently reviewed in the online art magazine Visual Art Source. Critic Caroline Picard, who also contributes to Artforum and Hyperallergic, recommended the show of densely detailed needlepoint works in a VAS editorial feature. Here's an excerpt: 


Jacquelyn Royal’s landscape needlepoints, titled “The New Police,” center on graffiti in order to explore the authenticity of mark making and the record it leaves. Comprised of stitched panels between 15 by 18 inches (largest) and 4 by 7 inches (smallest), these twelve needlepoints feel especially intimate. This is not only due to their immediate sense of materiality and labor, but also the meticulous translation of large-scale graffiti gestures into fine uniform stitches. A sense of humor pervades the show.


Click here to read on, and make sure to explore our online display of The New Police. The exhibition runs through this Saturday, May 16, 2020. It's the first show in our Atrium Series, an array of ambitious solo displays in the gallery’s atrium space by artists who utilize the craft medium for bold storytelling.

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