Mute. Amplify. Listen.

June 3, 2020
Mute. Amplify. Listen.

In this moment in time, we are grateful for the voices and stories expressed by the historically silenced. We are compelled to hear, to support, and to listen. We say thank you to the people and artists of color who pave the way today for the next generation of young activists, artists and makers. Thank you to those who fight for equality and justice. Thank you to those who have shared their personal stories of police brutality and racism. Thank you to every person of color who is writing our nation's story each and every day.

Thank you for being a vital community.

Sandy Zane, Owner
Jordan Eddy, Director
and the team: Kylee Aragon Wallis, Shayla Blatchford, William Dunn, Marissa Fassano, Brad Hart, Phoebe Hiltermann, Omar Pedroza


Ways to Help


National Bail Fund Directory

Bail fund relief directory by state


Freedom Fund

Criminal bail and immigration bond relief


George Floyd Memorial Fund

Fundraiser organized by Philonise Floyd


Justice for Breonna Taylor

Sign the petition to bring #JusticeforBre


Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Sign the petition to bring justice for Ahmaud Arbery


Reclaim the Block

Sign the petition to invest in Minneapolis' black community


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