Virtual Object

In conjunction with the Currents New Media Festival, Virtual Object opens in form & concept’s upstairs gallery on Friday, June 10 from 5-7 pm. Virtual Object will showcase objects made or influenced by the exciting new processes emerging from the realm of 3D printing. form & concept was founded to “explore relationships between art, craft and design. Handmade and computer-made processes need not be at odds with each other,” said form & concept Director Frank Rose. “As technology increasingly expands into our lives, I think it is important to use these tools consciously and investigate what kinds of artistic communication may be possible. It’s equally important to recognize and support handmade craft practice, as a balance. They both emerge from humanity, after all!” Virtual Object was curated by Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster from Currents New Media festival and Frank Rose at form & concept.


Artists included in Virtual Object are: Nick Bontrager (TX), Jenny Filipetti (CO), McArthur Freeman (FL), Keeley Haftner (IL), Joshua Harker (MI), Arthur Hash (RI), Robert Krawczyk (IL), Leisa Rich (GA), Kristin Stransky (CO), Friedrich Foerster and Sabine Weissinger (Germany), and Rosalie Yu (NY).