form & concept Annual Exhibition 2018


July 27 - September 15, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, July 27, 5-7 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, August 25, 2-3 pm


What/ Who: form & concept’s represented artists come together for this dynamic group exhibition. form & concept Annual Exhibition 2018 is a showcase for each artist’s latest work, and a collective expression of the gallery’s overarching mission. Since its founding in May 2016, form & concept has added ten artists to its official roster. They maintain cross-disciplinary practices that contribute to the gallery’s creative conversation about the intersections between art, craft and design.

When: form & concept Annual Exhibition 2018 opens Friday, July 27, 5-7 pm, and runs through September 15, 2018. The participants will present an artist talk on Saturday, August 25, 2-3 pm. 



Santa Fe, NM—“From the beginning, we were interested in reimagining what an art gallery could be,” says Frank Rose, Director of form & concept gallery. “The natural starting point was asking, ‘What’s been exhibited, and what or who has been excluded?’” The gallery, located in Santa Fe’s Railyard Arts District, celebrated its second anniversary in May—but its most definitive curatorial statement emerges each summer. The latest entry in form & concept’s Annual Exhibition series launches in late July, and includes new artwork from all ten of the gallery’s represented artists.


Each show brings together local and far-flung creative voices in a conversation about art, craft and design. “By looking at the cultural lines we’ve drawn between these broad categories, we start to better understand ways that people have been divided,” says Rose. “What we call art, craft or design has a lot to do with gender, race and class.” form & concept Annual Exhibition 2018 opens on Friday, July 27 from 5 to 7 pm, and a number of the featured artists will conduct a gallery talk on Saturday, August 25 from 2 to 3 pm.