We Are The Seeds

Now in its fifth year, We Are The Seeds is an arts festival that unites a community of Indigenous creatives in Santa Fe each August. For this companion exhibition at form & concept, Seeds Co-Directors Tailinh Agoyo and Paula Mirabal build a dimensional biography of the project’s inception and growth through stories of the artists who’ve contributed along the way. The group exhibition, collaboratively curated with Gallery Director Jordan Eddy, features over 20 Native artists whose work ranges from traditional beading, steel and textile practices to contemporary painting and wearable art. “The time has come where we, as Indigenous people need to share our own stories, in our own ways,” write Agoyo and Mirabal.



Atsatsa Antonio, Gino Antonio, Loren Aragon (ACONAV), Marco Arviso, Peter Boome, Violet Elliott, Tyrone Elliott, David Farnham, Colleen Farwell,  Peggy Fontenot, Kristin Gentry, Rykelle Kemp, Roberto Jackson, Margaret Jacobs, Galen LaRoche (Christopher Bordeaux), Robert Martinez, Joseph M. Sanchez, LaKota Scott, Dawn Spears, Jeff Suina, Tchin and Gordell Wright