Belt Buckle Expo 2020

Belt Buckle Expo 2020, juried by artists and buckle enthusiasts Bryan Peterson and Robert Ebendorf, returns for its second year at form & concept gallery. Forty buckles, from copper blooming dahlias to drawn neo-chrome and enameled inhalers, showcase this year’s top entries to the World Champion Belt Buckle Competition.


Since the international competition’s inception in 2012, jewelry artist Bryan Peterson challenged expectations of the belt buckle. More than just a functional piece for the pant, these belt buckles—in the hands of metal artisans and contemporary craft makers—take waist adornment to a new level of attention, from highly-complicated mechanical details to found elements and assemblages that trick and tease the viewer.


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Winning Artists: Taehyun Bang (1st Place), Tim Lazure (2nd Place), William Vanaria (3rd Place)

Honorable Mentions: Emily Pellini, Josie Mayes, Lisa and Scott Cylnder, Rose Schlemmer