• Now Representing: Elana Schwartz

  • Shifting Landscapes: 3rd International SDA Member Juried Exhibition:
    Opening Friday, February 24, 2017

  • Mark Newport: Mending: Opening Friday, February 24, 2017


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Contemporary Jewelry

We carry a wide range of contemporary jewelry in media from paper to gold. Visit our jewelry page to see our entire inventory and shop online!

Featured Artist: Brett Kern

Brett Kern sculpts these incredible “inflatable” dinosaurs and other objects out of plaster. Kern sculpts his own molds out of clay and uses glaze to emphasize his materials’ depth and details. Pop culture has always influenced Kern’s work, and these faux inflatable sculptures are no exception. One of Kern’s first memories as a child was being given an inflatable dinosaur at the hospital for behaving while his mother gave birth to his sister. It’s this playful, childlike wonder that informs the bulk of his work, and the forging of a balance of fragility and buoyancy.