Stefani Courtois


Stefani Courtois grew up in a small town in northern California, as a child her excitement for beauty and creativity was always prevalent. She was always collecting and gathering beautiful things, and her imagination was always engaged. Her childhood play was a creative process, and to this day, this is how Stefani likes to approach her work. The passion and desire to create has helped Stefani traverse the ups and downs of life and has kept her excited for what is to come. Over the years Stefani has explored a wide range of mediums and materials. She has worked in painting, drawing, sculpture, weaving, photography and most recently jewelry. In 2006 Stefani began working predominantly in metal, specifically the fine art of jewelry. She has always loved to adorn herself and was immediately enthralled by the jewelry making process, the history, and the intimacy of the art form. Stefani lives life with her eyes wide open, always in search of inspiration, and always with a sketchbook nearby to document her ideas. Not only does Stefani display meticulous craftsmanship, but also her work is strikingly unique, bringing her vivid imagination to life. Most important to her is the creative process; the time spent exploring materials and techniques. She often finds herself following a single idea, which soon leads to a spark of inspiration that begins to take her down a path and the work slowly unfolds and presents itself. She is always striving for patience, integrity, and beauty in her life and in her work. She knows there is always more to learn, new roads to explore, and challenges to face. What is remarkable about Stefani is her passion for creation. She knows that in order to fuel her creative fire, she must constantly challenge herself to learn and grow, to become a master of her craft. And ultimately, the goal of mastery for her would be the ability to give back, to inspire, to teach, and to share the beauty, imagination and intensity of her creative spark.