Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski


Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski is an artist who uses culturally “classed” materials to create 2-D and performative work that explores how we might be programming our future in relationship to systems of marginalization. She is concerned specifically with the futuristic femme myth as it applies to queer and of color communities.


DeJesus-Moleski has been featured in numerous arts publications including HyperAllergic and the Huffington Post. She has received awards and honors in the areas of visual art including the ArtLA Student Artist of the Year, All College Honors, and is an Alumni of the AICAD New York studio residency program. She has worked with organizations, museums, and galleries such as MOCADA, Betti Ono, The Brown Boi Project, Strong Families, Third Root Health Center, and the Estria Foundation among others. DeJesus-Moleski has exhibited work in New York, LA, New Mexico, and the Bay Area. A recent graduate of the Individualized program at CCA, DeJesus-Moleski aims to practice the integration of multiple art forms as a way to make myth and tell the truth.