Artist: Elizabeth Meiklejohn
Medium: digital video

Price: NFS

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The Mac OS Finder can't understand my weaving drafts. They show up compressed, smudged into grey or streaked with interference patterns as thumbnails and windows resize. Healthy, crisp images at full scale, the GUI clumsily paints them for quick-turnaround viewing, cycling through approximations of hue for each block of varied black and white. Resampler mimics the motions of preview aberrations by animating an image's gradual decrease in resolution. While the base input is relatively simple, both the Mac OS and Adobe Photoshop resampling methods "create" complex patterns reminiscent of traditional decorative weavings. Overshot-like waves and circles are part of some deep, internal strategy; we all know a loom is a sort of computer but our computers are loom-like too, exposed by the accident of their best attempts.