Artist: Gabrielle Dugan
Medium: Cotton, polymer fibers
38in x 145in

Price: $2800

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Handwoven on a neglected and failing digital Jacquard loom, Weaving2018 is dedicated to an ironic stalemate era within the contemporary fiber community. It is potentially the last piece that will be woven on this machine, reflecting the decline of Fibers/Textile programs within higher education despite a concurrent surge of public interest in weaving and related studies. Over the last 5 years, digital Jacquard systems have risen in popularity as artists, researchers, and institutions scrambled to engage with and reflect the aesthetic. Meanwhile, fiber and related art programs with important technical knowledge and culture were shuttered behind the scenes. Weaving2018 utilizes the hand control on a TC1/2, balancing deconstructed materiality with a controlled binary system.