Overshot Safety Blanket (lapghan) - from Imminent Peril

Artist: Erika Diamond
Medium: Overshot pattern weaving; bulletproof Kevlar thread, acrylic and linen yarn
35in x 45in

Price: $1800

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Overshot Safety Blanket is the first in a line of related bulletproof home goods. It is part of the Imminent Peril - Queer Collection, which also includes a series of fashionable safety vests made with bulletproof Kevlar material in response to the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting. Many of the project’s queer participants overwhelmingly expressed that they feel “safer” at home than they do in the public sphere. Diamond wove this piece to promote awareness about the safety of LGBTQ people. Overshot Safety Blanket explores the fragility and resilience of both the human body and our connections to each other.