Triangle on Chain w/ Fuschia Briollettes

Artist: Bunny Tobias
Medium: Bronze,swarovski crystals

Price: $190



Bunny Tobias begins her process with a simple ball of clay. Not ordinary clay but bronze metal clay. Bronze metal particles are suspended in an organic binder resulting in a clay like material that can be sculpted, rolled, textured, fabricated, and sanded. Once the desired object is achieved it is then fired in a digital kiln and held at a temperature of 1575 F. The organic binder burns out and what is left is pure bronze jewelry. It is polished to look like gold but has the strength of bronze. She then embellishes each piece with the colors and sparkle of Swarovski Crystals and gem stones. This pair of earrings is from her “Klimt” series and measures 3.75" x .50" from top of earring wire to end of Swarovski Crystal briolette

3.75 x .5 in