Multi-Stone Necklace with Sapphires Tourmaline and Diamonds set in Gold Clasp

Artist: Ionescu Design
Medium: peruvian opal,18k gold,blue sapphire,Paraisha Tourmaline,black diamonds,lapis,moonstone,smokey crystal quartz,green onyx,chalcedony,pearls,turquoise,crystal quartz

Price: $30000



The Sapphire Signature necklace is hand beaded with 123.30 carats of lapis, moonstone, crystal quartz , smokey crystal quartz, green onyx, lavender chalcedony, Peruvian Opal, pearls, and turquoise. The hand crafted 18 karat gold clasp is encrusted with 13.69ct of varying shades of blue sapphire, Paraiba Tourmaline, and diamonds.