The Creation of Copper (Pleiades)

Artist: Matthew Mullins
Medium: watercolor and gouache on paper
23in x 23in

Price: $2800



"The Creation of Copper, is part of my series about the creation of the atomic elements. All of the elements in our bodies were created inside of stars, or through various other types of stellar interactions. The circular watercolor mandala of painted stars surrounds a dot of copper paint. The copper at the center of the painting (just like the copper in our bodies) was created in the center of an ancient, now exploded, star. The watercolor painting was painted row by row, triangle by triangle, from the outside working in towards the center. This time intensive painting technique gave me time to ponder the creation of the elements and how we can have life and consciousness as a result of those stellar processes." - Matthew Mullins

Size 26.5 x 26.5 inches
Framed Size 30 x 30 inches