Harmonizing In Yellow Sapphire Earrings

Artist: Ionescu Design
Medium: gold, pearl, sapphire
0.8in x

Price: $10500



There is something very special, almost mystical about Ionescu Designs and their jewelry. The New York Times Style Magazine has hailed them as “style-makers,” and they’ve received a number of other accolades and awards, including the first-place AGTA award for “Evening Wear” and the 2014 “Fashion Forward” award among many others. Ionescu Designs is widely known by top jewelry designers for their incredible craftsmanship and broad range of capabilities. They are both inspired by myth, memory and the magic in any given moment. They see the creative process as a portal to a higher consciousness and love working in that “creative space”. They work mainly with 18 and 22 karat gold, platinum, high quality pearls and a multitude of precious and semi-precious gems. They often use unusual stones of the highest grade in unorthodox color combinations and bold sizes. They also combine precious stones with unexpected elements for impact and surprise.