Large Flying Blue Buffalo

Artist: Armond Lara
Medium: cast resin, acrylic, mixed-media

Price: $4250

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The Flying Blue Buffalo project is the long-held dream of Santa Fe artist, Armond Lara.

The project tells the largely untold story of the kidnapping and enslavement of an enormous number of Native American children over several centuries from the 1600s when the Spanish arrived, through the period of Mexican independence, until the late 1800s under the government of the United States.
Armond’s grandmother, a Navajo woman, fell victim to kidnapping as a child, was raised as a servant in an Hispanic family and eventually married into an Hispanic family in southern Colorado.

In Armond’s artistic mind, these sculptures represent the children who never came home. The sculptures were scanned and printed using the latest 3-D imaging technology by an Albuquerque firm. 75 buffalo were cast in resin and hand-finished under Armond’s supervision. The sculptures will be hung in a dramatic installation from the ceiling of form & concept in August, 2018. The exhibition will include many of Armond’s original paintings of Flying Blue Buffalo from over the years, along with unique stories from New Mexicans whose family history contains similar experiences. Historical notes will be included from some of the premier historical researchers in the Southwest.