Go Figure: creating figurative sculptures with clay alternatives and found objects: June 23 & 24

Artist: Pat Chapman
Medium: workshop

Price: $385

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Two-day workshop: Saturday, June 23rd, 10 am -5 pm & Sunday, June 24th, 10 am - 5 pm
Workshop fee: $350
Materials fee: $35
Additional information: Limited to 8 students.

In this workshop we will learn how to step away from the kiln by sculpting with an air dry, paper mache-clay hybrid called ClayShay©. We'll be creating sculptures of animals, figures, heads or puppets (the possibilities are endless).

We will finish our creations with paints, acrylic glazes and dry brushing as well as exploring the use of image transfers. Over the course of the workshop we will have time to produce several sculptures so that you can learn about a wealth of different techniques and materials.

Instructor Bio:

Patricia Chapman has followed her compulsion to create art her whole life. For the past twenty years she has been blissfully scavenging for intriguing cast offs and fascinating objects to incorporate into her sculptures along with a plethora of mixed medias and air dry and resin clay. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where she has been teaching her workshops both locally and internationally for the past five years. Recently she co authored the book “Mixed Media in Clay” published by Northlight. She has shown her art in group and solo exhibits both nationally and internationally for the past 45 years and has been featured in several publications and was the subject of a PBS documentary series “In Context”.

Materials fee includes:

Aves ClayShay, Aves Apoxie Sculpt, epoxy glue, acrylic glazing liquid, acrylic paints, wood for bases, image transfer materials, glass eyes, beads, extra found objects, wooden dowels, styrofoam, aluminum foil, waxed lined thread, resin castings of wings, arms and legs, glue sticks, hanging hardware and screws, craft wire, nitrile gloves, paper plates and cups.

I encourage students to bring whatever found objects they might want to bring.

Image: "Ding Dong" - 2018, 37" x 11.5" x 7"

***CRC has a policy of a minimum of 4 students per workshop unless otherwise specified, and the maximum is determined by the teacher and is posted in the description on our website. If we do not meet our minimum, 7 days ahead of schedule the workshop will either be canceled or rescheduled. In either case you will be notified and your payment will be reimbursed or credited to a future class. If you are coming from out of town please feel free to contact us to determine the status of your workshop.***