Shrines, Pocket Shrines, Memory Jars & Toppers

Artist: Darlene McElroy
Medium: workshop

Price: $375

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Two- Day Workshop: Friday, August 3rd & Saturday, August 4th 10am - 5pm with a break for lunch.
Fee: $350
Materials Fee: $25

Create shrines, pocket shrines, memory jars and toppers for the jars. You will be supplied with beads, charms, small objects, stamps, paint, gold leaf, foil, epoxy sculpt and containers (tins, bottles & boxes) to create your treasures. In addition to discussing their history and uses, you will receive a comprehensive pdf on the subject.

Although you will be supplied everything to complete several of these, you may want to bring your own pieces of broken jewelry, charms or tintypes to personalize them. Please bring your favorite brushes.

Shrines are small portable objects with magical, sacramental, or other special properties are kept close to provide hope and encouragement through difficult times, and to bring good luck. Pocket shrines have been around since man has had pockets and are meant to be portable. Memory jars/jugs are also called forget-me-not jug, memory vessel, mourning jug, spirit jar, ugly jug, whatnot jar, and whimsy jar. Found in ancient African cultures, they was surge of interest in memory jugs took place during the late 19th century as ‘scrap booking’ Victorians sought to keep their mementos in one place then again the 1950’s and 60’s in the South. Stylistically, they tend to have a primitive look and feel.

Instructor Bio
The richly textured mixed media paintings of Darlene Olivia McElroy reflect the vision of an artist whose involvement with man’s primal origins, sins, and religious conflicts has developed an imagery at once sensuously primitive and startlingly sophisticated. Weaving through textural surfaces, found objects, and rich symbolism, the viewer is drawn into a vision of an artist's visual world where color plays the role of an atmospheric veil encompassing the personal myths of the artist. McElroy, born and raised in Southern California, is descended from an old New Mexico family of artists and storytellers. She has been deeply influenced by the summers she spent growing up on her family’s ranch in Santa Fe where the rich tapestry of Hispanic life filled the nights and brightly colored the days. Her paternal grandfather was an artist on Catalina Island who exposed her to art as a life style, introduced her to color and the narrative in art. She currently lives in Santa Fe where she enjoys the skies, the color and the art.

***CRC has a policy of a minimum of 4 students per workshop unless otherwise specified, and the maximum is determined by the teacher and is posted in the description on our website. If we do not meet our minimum, 7 days ahead of schedule the workshop will either be canceled or rescheduled. In either case you will be notified and your payment will be reimbursed or credited to a future class. If you are coming from out of town please feel free to contact us to determine the status of your workshop.***