Artist: Matthew Mullins
Medium: graphite on juniper
23in x 15in x 15in

Price: $3600

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"Roots is a found wood and graphite sculpture, made from an ancient root ball that I found in the desert near Abiquiu, New Mexico. It is part of a series of very simple, but time-intensive, graphite and wood sculptures. To make this work, I use pencils and graphite sticks to vigorously apply the graphite into the fibers of the wood. The force and friction of the pencils burnishes the wood, creating a smooth and reflective surface that amplifies the undulations and details of the wood. I thought of this idea during a time when I was making paintings of tree silhouettes using graphite paint. I became curious about how actual trees and pieces of wood would look like if they were made of polished graphite. This piece took over a year to create." -Matthew Mullins